Diamond probe for a defective heartbeat
Reducing the risk of stroke could be done by a diamond tipped probe to fix the faulty heart rhythms.  There are three tiny gems on the tip of the probe, [...]
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Why Women’s Heart Disease is Different from Men’s
The danger of coronary illness (Heart Disease) in ladies is regularly thought little of because of the mis-perception that females are ‘secured’ against cardiovascular ailment. Coronary illness influences both genders, [...]
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Heart health myths vs. facts
For a healthy heart, you need to make some dietary modifications. Simple changes in your everyday diet may offer benefits, which help in preventing future heart problems, high blood pressure, [...]
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Why heart patients are at high risk with Covid-19
As the Covid-19 virus wreaks havoc around the globe, millions are infected and the count increases daily, especially in the U.K.  People with heart issues needs to be very careful [...]
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